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Groundbait for Carp Fishing

Groundbait is that "pap"/flour/"mieliebomb"/feed mix to which you add water to form a paste that is then knead around the sinker and cast into the water to create a feeding area. Over time, anglers realised that making a feeding area results in catching more fish instead of fishing a single hook bait. There are 2 basic ways to create a feeding area - 1) cast the feed in around your sinker and 2) drop the feed in your feeding area by boat. The most widely used method in South Africa is to cast your feed in. This requires the feed to be sticky enough to not fall off on the cast, yet break down after being cast in to create a feeding area.

The most popular groundbait in South Africa is popcorn feed that consists of mielies that underwent a process of being popped like popcorn and was then chopped up to make it finer in order to absorb water and bind. Popcorn feed works brilliantly, but it can be improved by mixing in Novateur groundbait.


Novateur Groundbait

Novateur groundbait is completely different to popcorn feed and offers a unique feed for the carp angler. It is made up of a blend of 9 plant meals and seeds. It can be used alone or mixed in with popcorn feed/particle mixes/boiles/stick mixes/spod mixes - the possibilities are endless!

22% Protein Content

The first thing that will catch your eye about Novateur Groundbait is the detailed statement of the protein content - 22%! We calculated the protein content based on the protein content of the ingredients we used then we had the groundbait tested and the results confirmed our calculation of 22%.

So what does this high protein content mean for fishing? The high protein content is an attractor to carp especially bigger carp who are focused on finding good quality food sources to fuel their bigger bodies.


Novateur Groundbait is inactive. It lies on the bottom keeping your feed in the area.

Fine Texture

The uniform fine texture prevents the mix from separating during transport meaning that your bag of Novateur Groundbait is always the same. The fine texture also gives you the choice to fish a fine feed or make it coarser by adding something like sweetcorn.


Novateur Groundbait binds very well giving you the confidence to really put your weight into a cast without fear of leaving your ball of feed behind on the bank.

Break Down

Novateur Groundbait breaks down no matter how cold the water or how hard you kneed it.

User Friendly

Simply add 500ml of water to a 750g bag of Novateur Groundbait to mix.


% Carbohydrates, 22% Protein, % Fat

No added colourants or flavours.

Available in a 750g bag.

When To Use

Competitive Advantage - Mix Novateur Groundbait in with your popcorn feed to make your feeding area stand out from your competitors'.

Targeting Bigger Carp - The 22% protein content tends to attract bigger carp.

Distance Casting - Novateur Groundbait binds very well, but also breaks down creating a feeding area.

Where To Buy

We are a wholesale company, BUT we are willing to help you out at Recommended Retail Prices if there is not a retailer selling Novateur near you.

Please visit this page for a list of all retailers that stock Novateur products: Where To Buy