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Braided Fishing Line or Braid as it is commonly known is braided from single strands of fiber and not extruded from a hot nylon mixture like a monofilament or "normal", "mono" fishing line. This manufacturing process makes braid more expensive than mono, but it lasts much longer than mono. Braid has a few advantages over mono and when used for the right application can really improve your fishing!

Advantages of Braid:

  • Thin Diameter (A thin diameter line casts further, handles easier and allows more line to be spooled on the reel) 
  • High Breaking Strain (The high breaking strain gives you pulling power to turn a fish even though you're fishing with a thin line)
  • Low Stretch (Low stretch dramatically improves bite indication especially over long distance)

The combination of a thin diameter, high breaking strain and low stretch provides the modern angler with a very advanced and versatile fishing line.

Braid is most commonly fished on a fixed spool (coffee grinder/grinder/spinning) reel, but many anglers also fish braid on a multiplier reel. 

Common Braid Fishing Applications in South Africa:

  • Bass Fishing (fishing in structure)
  • Carp Fishing (fishing long distance or in structure)
  • Rock & Surf Fishing (fishing with a "grinder" (fixed spool reel) or catching bank fish in rocky areas)
  • Saltwater Spinning


Braid can be used for various reasons, but the most fun advantage of fishing with braid is feeling a fish bite! If you have not yet fished with braid, do yourself a favour and give it a try.

Novateur High Abrasion Braided Fishing Line

Novateur High Abrasion Braid is a high abrasion braided line for situations when you're fishing structure or just in general when you need a reliable, all purpose braid. 4 strands of Japanese Polyethylene fibers tightly woven together to make up a high quality braided line.

High Abrasion Resistance

How do you make a braided line stand out from the crowd? Make it last! This is the braid you want on your reel when you need abrasion resistance. It has a tight weave which means it frays less. Any braid will start fraying, but our braid lasts longer before it starts fraying. Any braid will get cut off on structure, but our braid lasts longer. In our experience, abrasion resistance lands more fish than breaking strain does.


Although it is not designed to be a casting braid, its tight weave gives it a very round profile for a 4 strand braid. This round profile and a soft texture results in very good casting capabilities and no wind knots. The braid has a stiff, waxy feel when new. As you fish it, the braid softens and looses it's black colour turning a grey colour. You'll notice your casting improving as the braid softens with use.


4 Japanese Polyethylene (PE) Strands




Available in 300m spools


No, it's not cheap, but quality does not come cheap.

20lb 300m RRP (Recommended Retail Price) R 545.00

30lb 300m RRP (Recommended Retail Price) R 545.00

50lb 300m RRP (Recommended Retail Price) R 640.00

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