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Fluoro In Carp Baits

Fluoro powder has a long history in South African Carp Fishing. It is widely used in dips, powder mixtures, feeds and in just about any way imagineable. It's effectiveness is proved year after year and it is often the difference between a good session and a great session. So why does it work? Who knows! Our best explanation is a combination of the salt content and the colour change created in the water. Some venues and even fish species prefer green whilst others prefer red.

Now fluoro powder has its limitations and challenges. It is highly concentrated and therefore easily overused. To give you an indication, a knife point is enough to mix into a kilogram of feed! It is very light and hygroscopic (water absorbing) and therefore easily creates a big mess. Simply opening a container of fluoro powder can result in some powder spilling on your hands or in your tackle box. This powder then absorbs moisture and turns bright green or red depending on the colour of the fluoro, staining your hands, clothes and basically anything it comes into contact with. This is not a powder that you want to play around with under fishing circumstances! It's best used in a closed room with no air movement and carefully included into mixes. Hence the development and use by anglers of powder mixes containing fluoro rather than using raw fluoro powder. Lastly, fluoro powder and other powder mixes containing fluoro disperse very quickly in the water. As the ball of feed dipped in fluoro powder hits the water, it explodes into a brightly coloured cloud alerting other watchful anglers that you are using a fluoro product. Not a secret that you want to give away during a competition! This cloud forms a column down through the water to where the feed ball lies and is quickly diluted away from the feed area. Sometimes this is what you want such as when you want to call the fish into an area.

However, more and more freshwater anglers are realising the advantages of using Novateur Bleeding Pellets instead of fluoro powder or powder mixes containing fluoro...

Novateur Bleeding Pellets

Specifically developed for carp fishing, 2mm Pellets coated in a mixture to make them very sweet, bleed a fluoro cloud in the water and sink down to the bottom. 


These pellets are loaded with fluoro powder! Once they come into contact with water, the fluoro starts bleeding out creating a brightly coloured cloud. We refined our recipe to the point where we can't include any more fluoro as the pellets simply can't absorb anymore.


Carp love sweetened baits! Hence we sweetened these pellets to make them even more attractive to carp.


Powders wash away, but pellets stay! These pellets sink to the bottom keeping the fluoro in the feed area for longer. Exactly how long? We'd be lying if we gave it a time! It all depends on how much water there is to wash the fluoro out of the pellets and how much water movement there is. The pellets definitely last longer than powders!

User Friendly

These pellets do not stain your hands when handled as long as your hands are dry. They need moisture to be activated so as long as your hands are dry, you're safe!

Sneaky Sneaky

These pellets can easily be hidden in a feed ball and therefore hide the fact that you're fishing with fluoro. This can be vitally important in a competition when you don't want other anglers knowing what you are catching with!


2mm Cereal Pellets - 75% Carbohydrates, 12% Protein, 3% Fat

Available in Green Fluoro and Red Fluoro

Packed in 500ml re-sealable pouches.

When To Use

Plain feed is a reliable start for a carp fishing session, but quite often you need to add something extra to really get the fish going!

Fluoro does tend to attract the smaller carp and nuisance species such as mudfish and yellowfish. However, this does not stay consistent throughout the year and differs from venue to venue. Nuisance and small fish are least active during winter.

Windy Conditions - Fluoro made it's name in South Africa in windy conditions.

Murky Water - Fluoro tends to work very well in murky waters.

Single Hook Baits - Use a small pva mesh bag filled with Novateur Bleeding Pellets when fishing a single, brightly coloured pop-up. 

Desperate Times - Fluoro tends to get you that 1 bite when nothing else is working.

Where To Buy

We are a wholesale company, BUT we are willing to help you out at Recommended Retail Prices if there is not a retailer selling Novateur near you.

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